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Your membership in the Canadian Hearing Instrument Practitioners Society (CHIPS) makes a powerful statement about you. It shows colleagues – and patients – your commitment to your profession as well your desire to stay informed and involved. When you become a CHIPS member, you join with practitioners across the country, speaking with one strong voice on behalf of your profession.

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As a Member of CHIPS you can expect:

Government Relations and Advocacy:

CHIPS monitors the federal policy, legislative and regulatory environment and through government relations and advocacy helps to shape decisions that impact the profession.
By adding your voice, you are helping us to reinforce our message to decision-makers to the benefit of Hearing Instrument Practitioners across Canada.

Access to a Wealth of Information:

Your membership in CHIPS opens the door to information and resources on a wide range of issues that impact our profession and your practice. You can access an online database of educational programs, professional development opportunities, entry-level training programs and standards of qualification for Canadian practitioners.

Public Awareness:

CHIPS campaigns contribute to the awareness of the important – but often overlooked – hearing health-related services Health Instrument Practitioners provide. Through our website, social media platforms and communiques, CHIPS provides easily accessible information and tips about hearing loss prevention and hearing care options.

Professional Development and Training Tools:

CHIPS facilitates access to professional development opportunities and helps you stay on top of the ever-changing world of hearing health care.

Communications and Publications:

CHIPS regularly communicates with members through newsletters, bulletins and web casts.


With CHIPS, you will have an opportunity to volunteer either as a Member of the Board of Directors or with one of our working groups.

Online Directory:

Using the online directory of CHIPS members, website browsers will be able to find a Hearing Instrument Practitioner in their community.

Partnerships Plus Program:

More products and services exclusive to members will soon be offered.

Add your voice; support your profession: Our strength comes from individual practitioners. A strong national society means more resources for members and a more effective voice. CHIPS and your provincial association enhance your ability to achieve success and your excellence as a practitioner, and ensure a strong future for the profession. To join CHIPS, visit

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