What is CHIPS?

The Canadian Hearing Instrument Practitioners Society (CHIPS) is the national professional organization for Hearing Instrument Practitioners who provide hearing healthcare services for hard of hearing people in Canada.

How is CHIPS governed?

CHIPS is governed by a Board of Directors made up of one representative appointed by the provincial professional association from each of the ten provinces and a Canadian Governor who serves on the International Hearing Society (I.H.S.) Board of Governors.

The CHIPS Board of Directors meets twice a year alternating meetings among the spring and fall conventions held in the various regions of Canada. The members Annual General Meeting is held at a Spring convention meeting.

What is CHIPS mission?

CHIPS mission is to support Hearing Instrument Practitioners on a national, provincial, and individual level in order to sustain, promote and develop this profession so that all Hearing Instrument Practitioners provide the highest level of professional competency, business integrity, and excellence in serving the hearing impaired.

How does CHIPS work with the provincial associations?

CHIPS is concerned with the collective interests of all Hearing Instrument Practitioners in Canada in their efforts to provide the highest level of professional competency, business integrity, and best clinical practices when working with the hard of hearing. Through its provincially appointed Directors, CHIPS works closely with the provincial associations on matters that affect the profession itself or the delivery of services nationally.

All provincial or regional matters are handled by each respective provincial association. Membership in good standing with a provincial association is required for membership in CHIPS in order to strengthen the profession and the delivery of services both provincially and nationally.

What is CHIPS focus?

  • That every Hearing Instrument Practitioner in Canada meets or exceeds a unified standard of professional competency through education, training, and provincial regulation.
  • That Hearing Instrument Practitioners are recognized as vital members of the hearing healthcare team in the delivery of services to the hearing impaired.
  • To support the profession of hearing aid dispensing at the national level, at the provincial level through the provincial associations, and at an individual level to members.
  • To promote the profession as a rewarding career choice and to support students entering the field.
  • To educate the public about hearing loss and the efficacy of amplification devices.
  • To have every Hearing Instrument Practitioner in Canada as a member.

Membership in CHIPS

Membership in CHIPS is voluntary. Membership in a provincial association is a prerequisite.

Hearing Instrument Practitioners may qualify as a Full (voting) Member of CHIPS by meeting one of the following requirements, in keeping with provincial requirements: certified by the National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences, a graduate of a college program in hearing aid dispensing, a member in good standing of his/her provincial association since 2001.