Living with Hearing Loss

Here are tips you can use – alone or in combination with hearing aids – to help you understand and communicate more effectively:

  • Whether they are aware of it or not, almost every person with hearing loss can read lips and body language. To facilitate this, make eye contact with the person with whom you are speaking and make sure you can clearly see their face and mouth.
  • Let people know that you have a hearing loss. As a result, they are more likely to look directly at you when talking, speak clearly and repeat themselves if asked. An added bonus – you’ll reduce your level of frustration … and theirs!
  • Be aware of your listening environment – turn off or move away from competing noises such as music, and move close to the people whose voices you wish to hear.
  • Anticipate how you will interact in social situations – choose quieter restaurants or venues; position yourself away from disruptive sounds; move closer to the presenter, if it’s a speaking event.
  • Use assistive listening technology such as an amplified phone.
  • Above all, be patient and don’t let it get to you.