Protect Children from Hearing Loss

Understand the Threat of Noise

Noise is one of the greatest threats to your child’s hearing – but it is preventable and is largely within our control. And with your coaching and support, your child can become hear smart and learn how to protect their hearing.

There is a wide range of noise in our everyday lives that may be damaging to a child’s hearing – TVs, MP3s, audio speaker systems, power tools, lawn mowers, hair dryers, kitchen appliances, and video games are examples of noise sources we need to monitor in an effort to protect children’s hearing.

Become hear smart.

Teach your child to become hear smart – they should value hearing and understand how loud noises can harm their ability to hear. Insist on the use of earplugs and other forms of ear protection when needed or to use their fingers or hands to quickly plug their ears whenever there is an unexpected, prolonged loud sound. Additionally, urge your child to keep the volume down when using earbuds or headphones and limit the amount of time they use them.

Most important, be a role model. Show your child that you value your hearing. Use ear protection when it is needed and insist that your child does the same.