Urging the Canadian Government to take action about Hearing Health

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Hearing loss has an enormous impact on the health care system and economy in Canada.

APRIL 8, 2019 – OTTAWA ON: On April 8th and 9th, 2019, the Hearing Health Alliance of Canada (HHAC) is in Ottawa to send a clear message to Members of Parliament and the Senate, that federal leadership is critical to improve hearing health care for Canadians from coast to coast to coast.

Hearing loss is a potential health crisis that Canada can no longer afford to ignore. Why?

First, hearing loss is widespread and it is steadily increasing. According to studies, the number of Canadians, including the young, with some degree of hearing loss or deafness may reach nearly 4.6 million, and as our population ages this number is set to steadily increase.

Second, hearing loss has high personal, social and economic costs. It significantly impacts the quality of life of Canadians – the way we work, play, develop, learn and socialize. Unmanaged hearing loss can have serious health, safety, emotional and social consequences, including isolation, loss of autonomy and mobility, increased risk of falls, earlier onset of cognitive decline, confusion, depression, anxiety, higher rates of admission to hospitals. In addition to having an enormous impact on the government-funded health care system, hearing loss also impacts the Canadian economy in terms of lost productivity, employee earnings, and tax revenue.

Third, it is a neglected health policy objective and Canada’s current response to hearing loss is inadequate. Canada is one of the few industrialized nations that does not have a national policy to deal hearing loss. We must act now!

Tackling hearing loss should therefore be a health-related priority, demanding urgent action by the Government of Canada to play a leadership role and collaborate with provincial and territorial governments and communities of interest to work towards a national strategy that will promote and enhance access to hearing health throughout Canada.

About the Hearing Health Alliance of Canada

The Hearing Health Alliance of Canada(HHAC) is a collaborative partnership between the Hearing Instrument Practitioners of Ontario, Canadian Academy of Audiology, Canadian Hard of Hearing Association, Canadian Hearing Instrument Practitioners Society, Cochlear Canada Inc., The Hearing Foundation of Canada and the Hearing Industry Association of Canada. The HHAC collaborates to raise the awareness of hearing health and the impact of unmanaged hearing loss, and advocates forthe development and implementation of a Canadian national hearing health strategy.

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